3 Uncommon Ways I Tried to Make Money As a Kid

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I was a young hustler. I must have always liked making money. From middle school to high school, I probably started 2-3 small businesses.  Back home, there wasn’t really a way to make money at that age aside from collecting your parents’ allowances. One had to be resourceful. And resourceful I was! Here are just a few ways I made money as a kid:

Mobile candy store
how to make money as a kid
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We weren’t allowed to sell at school. The cafeteria didn’t want any competitors. My reason for starting to sell candies was, “If you’re gonna be a monopoly in something, be so good at it no one will want to try to do it better.” As you probably guessed by now, my school failed at showing variety. Everyone grew bored of their options and I took advantage of it.

I started selling gum, lollipops, chocolates, cookies…you name it. I would buy them in bulk for really cheap abroad and sell the unit at a price that guaranteed profit. It was all clandestine as getting caught could result in being suspended. I got away with it for some time and I quickly became the go-to person for people with a sweet tooth.

Juice stand
how to make money as a kid
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I randomly came up with the idea when I was bored at home one day and noticed how well-stocked our refrigerator was. We had way too many fruits and vegetables: lemons, carrots, grapefruits, passion fruits, oranges etc. Naturally, I made different juices and set up a small stand in front of my house. My parents didn’t know but they were my suppliers so my business came with relatively no cost. As you would imagine, this venture didn’t last long and I was grounded for some time (but with my savings on point though haha).

Jewelry shop
how to make money as a kid
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I can’t think of something I didn’t try to sell. Whenever I noticed a need in the market, I tried to fill that void. Going to an all-girl school was very strategic in that sense as beauty products were always in demand.

I’ve grown a lot since my early entrepreneurial days. One thing that’s stayed consistent however is my adaptability. As a multipotentialite, you develop a wide range of interests and learning how to leverage them to either acquire new knowledge or skills (and become more competitive) or earn extra income will benefit you in the long run. 

What were some of your early side hustles? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Haha love this! I used to sell candy too! But we were allowed to do it, as long as it was a fundraiser for a school organization. I pretended it was for my basketball team, but nope. It was for my own piggy bank. Ahhh to be young…

  2. Love this! My friends and I started a stationery business called Whiskers Inc. when we were 8 and sold stationery and envelopes with clip art printed off our computers.

    • I love it! I miss the naivete I had as a kid. I’d literally think of the idea and do it. Now I tend to overthink stuff, but it’s all good though 🙂

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