How to Include Your Side Hustles On Your Resume

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If you have a side hustle, you know how fulfilling it is to work on it. You get to express your creativity, refresh your skill set and even make additional income. What a lot of people fail to realize is that, a side hustle is a job in itself. Only difference is that the work is usually done by a team of one.

If you’re a blogger, you’re pretty much doing the same thing as an online magazine or digital media company. Same for a freelance photographer or videographer as an agency. You’ll find very little difference between what an individual with a side hustle does and the work of an institution with more resources. I’d even argue that a freelancer does more work because they wear many different hats until they can afford to hire people. Any side hustler is in fact their own CEO, COO, CFO, photographer, editor, public relations, marketing director etc. Given the reality of it, having it on your resume is a strategic move.

Listing your side hustles as freelance positions

MYTH: My side projects don’t count as experience.

Did you acquire skills that are relevant to the position you’re applying to from your side gigs? Then they’re important! Think of them as a regular jobs and write the description accordingly. Just like you would for your professional experience, mention your accomplishments, the people you worked with and throw in some numbers when possible. That’s it!

To better illustrate this idea, I will share a few examples based on the most common side hustles:


Company: Blog Name

Role: Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Key points to highlight:

  1. Research, produce, edit and optimize content for the website including case studies, success stories and newsletters
  2. Maintain brand voice on all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. Work with a small team of contributors to create an editorial calendar
  4. Pitch local publications to secure guest posting opportunities
  5. Secure sponsorship deals and brand partnerships through engaging content

Main takeaways: You know how to do the work the company splits across different teams and you have a well-rounded skill set.


Company: Business name

Role: Freelance Photographer

Key points to highlight:

  1. Responsible for all aspects of production: scouting locations, researching/booking models, compose shots, capture subjects, edit and retouch images
  2. Market services to local businesses or small publications to foster brand partnerships
  3. Regularly cover events like XYZ

Main takeaways: You won’t need to be trained on most editing softwares since you’re already familiar with them. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there.


If your goal is to become a teacher or instructor, you can’t forget these 23 students you helped get better at math. Here’s how to list your experience:

Company: Business name

Role: (Insert any subject here) Tutor

Key points to highlight:

  1. Customize lesson plans and teach in either one-on-one or small group settings
  2. Collaborate with other teachers to prepare standardized tests to track students’ progress
  3. Grade quizzes and exams and provide feedback
  4. Observe and understand students’ behavior and communicate with school, parents and other stakeholders
  5. Develop professional skills by attending meetings, seminars, conferences etc.

Main takeaways: You are pretty much a teacher and we need to hire you asap!

Selling on Amazon

Company: Business name

Role: Account Manager

Key points to highlight:

  1. Manage inventory and sell a range of merchandise to existing costumers and prospects
  2. Promote services on different channels (social media media marketing, Google AdWords etc.)
  3. Ensure the correct products are delivered to customers in a timely fashion
  4. Develop trust relationships with costumers by resolving any issues they face
  5. Effect changes in products, service, and policy by evaluating customer feedback, results and competitive developments.
  6. Monitor competitors by collecting information on pricing, products, sales techniques etc.

Main takeaways: You’re entrepreneurially minded and you can roll with the punches.

Tips on writing the job description

a. Provide just enough details so to leave the opportunity to chat more

b. Model it after the description of the job you’re applying to

c. Put special emphasis on the skills (technical, hard or soft) you developed


Any side hustle can be branded as professional experience. Nothing teaches you more than an entrepreneurial venture so don’t be afraid to flaunt what you know.

Have your side hustles ever helped you get hired? Please share your experience with me in the comments!

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  1. This is such a helpful post! I should definitely create a resume soon and not just add my job at the supermarket to it haha 🙂

  2. Loveeeee this article! It is extremely helpful to those who still rock their 9 to 5s with the side hustle. I have thought about how to incorporate my side hustles on my professional resume before, but definitely not like this. Very helpful.


  3. Thanks for the tips! I always share all of my experiences on my resume, from blogging to freelance jobs and also my voluntary works 🙂

  4. I love this! I actually just added my blog to my resume, and trying to figure how to word it was tricky. Thanks for this guide!

  5. YES ! thanks for adding this!

    Is a great start for me, as I’m redoing my resume and creating my vitae!

  6. Yes!!! Thanks for this. I have always done really well creating resumes for traditional jobs, but I struggle on how to put my side gigs on it. Great tips.

  7. This is exactly what I needed, I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate my blog on my resume but I wasn’t considering just listing it like my other work experiences. But now I think that’s the way to go! Thank you!

  8. This article was full of useful information that I really hadn’t given a thought to. I need to up my game. Great post

  9. This is particularly helpful for me in regards to the blogging aspect. I never know how to word it on my CV and usually don’t even dedicate a full section towards my blog just a short sentence. This is definitely something I will be changing on my current CV

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